We're LIVING "Atlas Shrugged"

Ayn Rand was prophetic when she wrote “Atlas Shrugged,” the story of what would happen if “the men of the mind” refused to any more offer the world the fruits of their minds and withdrew their minds and the products thereof from the market. Since offering the fruits of their minds to the world and only getting ridicule and theft of what they were offering by the “looters” of society for the benefit of the “moochers” of society, who only wanted to live at someone else's expense without effort to themselves, it just wasn’t “paying off” for the producers. So the only group of people who had never “gone on strike” did so. But they made no demands. They just “went away” and let the looters and moochers perish on their own, since they could not equal the accomplishments of “the men of the mind.”

Today, our government is doing exactly the same things (under different titles) as those “out-of-control” politicians and bureaucrats in her book did. Example: The “Citizen’s Reinvestment Act of 1976,” which FORCED lenders to loan money to people who COULD not, WOULD not pay it back; the very same thing the government, in her book, “ordered” Midas Mulligan,” her premier banker to do, which he refused to do, and disappeared. As key “producers” of society did the same, one by one, when they “got enough” from the looters, society collapsed; as it ultimately will in real life if we don’t get rid of the looters now running our government. the national budget increased $1.5 trillion dollars under the entire eight years of "conservative" George Bush, but has increased $1 TRILLION in Obama's FIRST 100 DAYS in office. (Wall Street Journal/Stephen Moore)