Common Sense Updated


Copyright © 1995 By Ray Thomas
Revised and Updated, Copyright © 2009 By Ray Thomas


That is the question that was asked as an agonized scream by those who could not understand why the world was going down hill so fast throughout Ayn Rand's landmark book, Atlas Shrugged. It was in this book (Still available in bookstores, usually in the classics, philosophy, or political section, or wherever liberals in the store can hide it. I once found the only copy in the store in the "children's books" section.), in which she introduced the amazing (new?) philosophy of Objectivism as a thread running through an amazingly fascinating fiction story. A story in which John Galt, the inventor of the world's first perpetual motion motor vowed to stop the motor of the world when the company he was working for took the ownership of his invention from him and gave it to the collective they had created.

He succeeded in doing so by the simple act of convincing others whose creative and productive endeavors were being stolen by the looters in society and given to the moochers, whose need became a demand that had to be supplied by those who had the ability to supply it, to go on strike and remove their expertise from the world.


Workers claim that without them, the world would stop. They say their muscle is what causes things to be built. But what they seem to forget is that without the creative ideas of the creators and the inventors, and without the work of the producers who actually design the systems their muscles operate, there would be no work for their muscles to perform and therefore their muscles would be useless to society. This makes their claim a false one. Need does not create a claim on the earnings of those who are capable of earning to prop up those who will not. Newt Gingrich said: "It is immoral to pay able-bodied people for not working." That's just what this society is doing. Not to be nice to those people, but to create a society that is dependent on the government for their daily survival. This creates millions of people who will vote to keep the looters in power so they will continue to write checks to the moochers.

It is a fact that there are a lot more (supposedly) poor people than there are rich people, so the looters pander to the poor and set them against the rich. Each "poor" person has a vote. That's what the moochers are after, so they can stay in power. So the answer to the question: "Who is John Galt?" is this: he is the symbol of the individualist in a collectivist world. Of the creator and the producer in a world full of moochers and looters who want what he earns without having to work and earn it themselves. Collectivism will ultimately rule us if we don't go out of our way to stop those who would force it upon us.


In 1768, Thomas Paine wrote a pamphlet entitled: "Common Sense," which woke up a lot of people to the fact that they were being raped by their government, and to the fact that things did not have to be that way. This simple pamphlet did, in fact, lead to the American Revolution and to the creation of the United States of America. With the proviso that I am not promoting armed rebellion, I hope this report has much the same result. To wake people up to the fact that they are being raped by people in their own government in a far worse manner than were the colonists who created this country. That it is not now, as it was not then, the "natural way of things." To cause them to take action to change things so they may stop being raped and might cause a return to the constitutional protections we should have enjoyed from the first.


You say the Constitution protects you from that? Don't make me laugh! People in our government have been ignoring that august document from the first, when they hastened to make laws similar to the British Admiralty Laws that allowed the British to loot our shipping without much more than the pretense that we were breaking the law. To confiscate (and sell, ship and cargo on the unsupported word of an informer who was often one of the government agents involved in the confiscation, who usually got a cut of the loot. Laws which forced the owners to sue at their own expense to get their property back, and be forced to pay the government's legal costs in the bargain, win or lose. All this without the government even having to prove wrongdoing on the part of the shipper.) So what we did was trade one set of crooks for another. Today's RICO Laws contain many of the same provisions. But in very few cases have I seen any evidence of any real action having been taken as a result of what I've written. I get many letters of congratulations on the work I'm doing, and surprisingly few condemnations. I am regularly involved in many discussions with a number of different people through the mail, on the Internet, and face-to-face. But little evidence of any good that has come as a result. This is very frustrating.

After you've read this report, I want you to resolve to do something to help stop what they're doing to you, and others. Even if it costs you. Even if it has not affected you. Many of the signers of the Declaration of Independence lost their homes and property, were imprisoned, beaten, tortured, and their families were broken up as a result of signing that document. They realized the enormity of their act when they signed a document that ended: "...we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor." (And they did. Many of them were killed or imprisoned and their property confiscated by the British.) Can we do any less in defense of the liberties many of them died for? Become an obstacle to the looter's plans at every opportunity. Don't allow them to make any more headway in their efforts to enslave you. Do everything you can to cause them to lose ground. Then maybe we can win this thing -- and win it we must, if we are to remain our own masters.


Is it still happening today? The answer is an emphatic yes. There are so many ways in which the government at all levels is ignoring the Constitution that I wouldn't even have enough room here to list them, even if I could keep your attention for that long. But I will call your attention to just a few ways in which they're doing it:


Actually, I'm taking a big chance in writing this, and my other condemnations of the looters in our government because under RICO, all they have to do if they get enough of me is to claim I am committing a crime -- any crime -- and raid me to confiscate my computers and all my files, never to be seen again outside of their offices. And they don't even have to charge me with a crime in order to do this (Of course, with all the "copy centers" such as Kinko's I can use, they'll have to imprison me to stop me). All they have to do is claim a crime. Think it can't happen? Think again. It has already happened in Boulder, Colorado, where Federal Marshals broke into a private home and confiscated the computers and all the files belonging to a man who was in the process of exposing the depredations of the Scientology Church -- in a copyright infringement case! A civil case in which a determination of guilt had not even yet been made, and has not yet as this was written (In June, 1996). They later gave the computers and files back after he sued, but with the offending files deleted by the Scientology Church, who were in control of the files all during the time they were confiscated.

This was an unconstitutional act, but did that stop them? And what if the owner of these computers and files had (rightly) pulled a gun (in his own home) to defend himself from what may have been criminals? They'd have shot and killed him as casually as they would swat a fly, and never be bothered by conscience or by law. (They proved that at Ruby Ridge. The criminals who killed Weaver's wife, their son, and their family dog have not only not been charged with a crime, some of them have even been given commendations!) [Update: Lon Horiuchi, the gunman who murdered Weaver's wife, was charged in state court. But the feds got it moved to federal court where it was done away with. Later, hwe was given a commendation for his crime. -RT]


Maybe this was a practice run to determine the degree of opposition from the people they would run into if they did it to others who oppose them? If so, it was a complete success because people not involved personally just didn't seem to care unless, like me, they were already keeping track of the depredations of government agents. The fact that they can get away with these kinds of depredations against the people, and the fact that they would even try it, proves that this government is no longer a lawful government. It is a government of crooks, from the top down (Possibly not including some presidents, who come and go).

Many of the people who carry out these illegal acts don't even realize they are acting illegally. Bill Licatovich, a spokesman for the U. S. Marshals' Service in Washington, when they recently held up a K-Mart and emptied the cash registers of $53,000, again in a civil case (Washington Times, April 21, 1996), replied, when asked about the raid: "I'm not going to get into the question of power of government; that's beyond me." Beyond him? It would seem that anybody charged with doing something illegal for the government would at least question the legality of their actions. But apparently most don't know, and many just don't care.


That's what it's like trying to keep up with all the cons, scams, schemes, and "programs" the looters in our governments (at all levels) have going at all times, each one designed to take away one more small right on some pretext, slowly tightening the noose until they are in control of our every move. Here are some examples:


That's why FDR created the Social Security system. I'll bet you thought it was because of his concern for retirees, didn't you? Not even! His purpose was, in addition to getting access to billions of extra dollars without raising taxes, to create that number and require each of us to have it. And later on to be able to use it for universal identification -- the very thing he promised would never happen.

He promised that number would never be used for general identification. Sure he did. He even printed, right on the card we're all required to obtain, "NOT TO BE USED FOR IDENTIFICATION." But he "forgot" to make a law to back up this promise (surprise, surprise!) and, like most other government promises, this one began to be flagrantly violated about 30 years later (after the people to whom it was made were either dead or senile and others didn't even know about the promise) when they (quietly, with no fanfare and no announcement) took that notation off the Social Security card. Of course, even before this, the looters in our government were working like beavers to build government data bases using that number (before we found out), and were encouraging private businesses and local governments to do likewise so they (the feds) could legally "share" the information.


The second-hand smoke contention itself has been proven to be a case of the government spinning figures to suit itself, proven by a government agency! The government's own Congressional Research Service, after doing a two-year study of the same data used by the EPA, concluded that: "The statistical evidence does not appear to support a conclusion that there are substantial health effects of passive smoking." They further said: "It is possible that very few or even no deaths can be attributed to ETS (Environmental Tobacco Smoke). That this report flatly contradicts the very basic premise on which the anti-smoking fanatics are relying in their con is completely ignored by the press and the anti-smoking fanatics as they continue to quote the skewed results and tell people what they want to tell them while knowing it is a lie. They just want to control people and force them to stop smoking. (For your information, I don't smoke. So I have no dog in this fight.);

Am I an extremist? Am I just stirring people up over nothing? Do I see a conspirator under every bed? I'll let you decide. But what I do want to do with this report is to wake you up. To teach you how to read between the lines in whatever propaganda they offer you. So you can begin to recognize their cons and scams every time they come up with a new one and be able to put roadblocks in their way every time you see one coming.

What can you do? You're only one person, right? So am I. But I seem to have the ability to put ideas on paper in a coherent manner, much the same as did Thomas Paine (the author of the original "Common Sense," a pamphlet that literally created this country and an entirely new way to govern) back in the eighteenth century by making people think about what was being done to them in the name of the law. So I use that ability to hopefully influence many more people so they'll obstruct the looters at every turn instead of docilely allowing themselves to be led to the slaughter by a skilled and continuing pattern of lies, cons, and scams.