Big Brother Laws

Copyright © 2012 By Ray Thomas

“Big Brother” (the feds” can keep track of EVERYWHERE you’ve ever been, and everywhere you go, using a federal law (42 USC 653A(b)(1)(A) forcing states to set up a “New Hires” database they can (and do) “share.” That database includes your name, address, birth date, and SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER, everything they need to find you any time they want to.

“End Run” Around the Law

In this manner, the feds gain access to information denied them by the Privacy Act of 1974, (5 U. S. C. § 552a) that prohibited them from STARTING any new databases on American citizens, but strangely did not stop them from making a law FORCING states to start new databases, which they “shared.”

You can’t do ANYTHING without “Big Brother” knowing about it. If you change jobs, he knows about it, and knows where to find you at any time, because employers are FORCED to tell him under a state system that the federal law forced them to make. In Colorado, this requirement is fulfilled by the State Directory of New Hires.

As far as I can tell, Colorado didn’t make a LAW to comply with this; they just DID it when they created the Colorado State Directory of New Hires and told employers they MUST send in this information (

As an example of what this means to you, consider the Child Protective Services and what they can do to you if they decide (in their “wisdom”) that you’re a “deadbeat parent.”

There is NO WAY you can escape their “attentions,” no matter where you go if you must work to stay alive. If you’re on welfare, it’s worse. They have PRIMARY access to information about you. After they RAPE you originally by taking your children from you for extended times (they get paid by the feds for every day those children are “in their custody,” from the very first day). After running you and your children “through the ringer,” they then bill you for “the cost of foster care.” This forces you to pay the costs they incurred (never mind they’re reimbursed by the feds at every turn) when they kidnapped and held your children for ransom (for an average period of 18 months). If you refuse to pay this extortion, they’ll declare you “deadbeat parent” and hound you to your dying day through these laws. You can’t escape. You either have to “pay up” or sneakily move to another country or (unofficially) change your name and pay some forger big money to create a new identity for you.

Another example is taxes. If the IRS decides (in their “wisdom”) that you owe them some money they can use this information to find you and hound you to your deathbed for whatever amount they SAY you own them.

The Post Knows

The (liberal) Denver Post published a “gloating” article on 2/13/97 and gleefully described what is “in store” for a “deadbeat parent” (real or imagined). “Deadbeat Parents beware: the State is coming to get you and the child support you owe [whether or not you actually DO owe it _RT] in ways you never imagined. Got a professional license? Kiss it goodbye if you don’t pay up. Hunting or fishing licenses? Gone. Even bungee jumpers who owe child support will lose state authorization to hurl themselves off bridges. The state will have access to your financial records, your bank accounts, your pension plans, and will have the ability to garnishee assets for child support owed. It will be able to place liens against your house, your car, your every possession, even the clothes on your back (including your underwear).

“And don’t bother with evasion. The state will pursue you with the tenacity of ‘Big Brother’ [A propitious choice of words, perhaps? –RT]. It will have access to the records of every utility—heat, electricity, telephone service, water, cable TV. And if you ever get a job anywhere in the nation, your employer will have 20 days to report your name, address, and Social Security number to a state registry that will be shared by every state (and the feds, of course).

Total Control

And don’t ever think when these laws or simply a system get passed in every state, that they’ll limit access to child support uses. Soon this information will allow the feds (and anybody else who is interested) to keep track of every person with access to these records—and you can bet they’ll use that access, either overtly or covertly. They will “quietly” make laws or definitions of laws, or bureaucratic regulations that seem to have the FORCE of laws that will allow ANY agency they specify (at their whim) to have access to this information—“to fight crime, don’tcha know.” Pretty soon you won’t be able to go to the bathroom without them knowing about it, and even being able to count the number of times you DO it every day.

The “Hegelian Principle” At work

I’ve written before about the “Hegelian Principle’ the liberals use to get their “power grab” laws passed. It has three parts: 1. Create A Problem” or make use of an existing one by making it sound really bad; 2. Publicize The “Problem”: Blow it way out of proportion to its real importance, “beating the drums” every day in the news media about it, until people begin to think it really IS a “big problem” and start demanding a “solution.” Then Offer a “solution” to the “problem.” A solution that accomplishes their aims, usually taking away one or more of your rights and maybe some more of your money with your permission.

The “problem” here is the “deadbeat parent problem,” which DOES exist, though not in nearly the proportions they claim. These laws not only give them a “handle” on anybody they CLAIM is a “deadbeat parent,” it also gives them the power to control everybody else through their access to this information—all based on the illicit use of the Social Security number as an identifier and this law.

”Model” Laws

Another thing you can expect if their million dollar bludgeon of the states gets these databases created in all 50 states is for that to be used as a “model” for laws in other “problem areas.” Soon they’ll be “tapping” these databases to “find environmental criminals” who have run over kangaroo rats on their own property and to keep “wetlands criminals” from ever being able to develop the land they’ve spent a lot of money to buy, and for many other purposes. If we let them “get their noses in the tent,” they’ll soon control us. Totally.