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The First thing I want you to understand in any discussion about me and a militia is that there isn't one. At this point in my life, I don't yet believe such a thing is necessary. Not for me, anyway. I still have some faith in the fact that ideas will overcome the greed and stupidity represented by those who would do just about anything to have the power of life and death over the rest of us. Like Thomas Paine, I still believe that as the number of people who know about the looters' plans for us increases, so does the possibility that they will be able to enslave us reduce.

In the past, there has never been such a powerful influence to oppose them as the Internet. Their schemes and scams have gone largely unopposed because to oppose them required a lot of money to publish pamphlets and books, position papers, special reports, newsletters, and various other vehicles used to inform people of their plans. This made it all but impossible to oppose them because few had the financial ability to do these things even if they had the writing ability. Today, with the Internet's ability to disseminate information literally to everyone who has a computer and is able to connect at little cost, I believe we have the vehicle to do what Thomas Paine did if it becomes necessary, without having to join a militia.


I used to assume that everybody knew who Thomas Paine was. No more. With the efforts by the power seekers to "dumb us down" being so successful under the influence of the National Education Association, I can no longer make that assumption. And that's one of the goals of their "dumbing down" process: that we should be ignorant of who and what such heroes were and did in our fight for independence from Great Britain.

Stay with me now. This isn't going to be a long lesson in history. I am going to tell you who Thomas Paine and Samuel Adams were, and how these two men were probably the strongest influences in getting the war for independence started. They were "two sides of the same coin."

Thomas Paine wrote several important monographs and published them. Among them were "Common Sense," which did more to undermine the British and get people "stirred up" to defy them than any other single factor. I recommend that you go to the library, get a copy, and read it. If you can get beyond the "stilted phraseology" you will see it was a passionate indictment of the British, of their "rule" over the American colonies, and of the atrocities they committed in support of it. It was a "call to arms" to "throw off the yoke" of their tyranny. The fact that his writings sparked the revolutionary war that gained for us our independence from England makes me believe that the power of the written word can still "throw off the tyranny" of the power seekers as we expose not only their schemes and scams, but their philosophy and methodology used to enslave us.

Samuel Adams was more of a "man of action" and organized the "militia" that precipitated the Boston Tea Party and other "guerilla acts" that caused the British no end of vexation and money. Now, being cognizant of the fact that people may not know any more about Samuel Adams than they do of Thomas Paine, I will tell you that his acts became what was the American Revolution and resulted in the colonies gaining their freedom, to become what is now known as the United States of America.

You can still go to the library and read about these men, even if it has become necessary to seek such information out, rather than depend on the fact that it is part and parcel of what children are taught in school as necessary information about how this country came to be. Even though the power seekers are moving as quickly as they can to take control over what is taught to our children in school, have largely eliminated information about the Founders from the curriculum, and have rewritten many of the history books, they haven't yet been able to completely eliminate references to our true history. I hope they never will be able to accomplish this, and it is to this end that I continue to "do my Thomas Paine thing" and expose their depredations everywhere I can, to as many people as I can. I hope by disseminating this information far and wide, and by "beating the drums" daily, I can have as much of an effect on history as did Thomas Paine.

There are those who criticize such as me for "sitting around talking about it and doing nothing else." They maintain that it takes "direct action" for anything to happen. They're right. It does take direct action to accomplish what we need to accomplish. It takes "direct action" on two fronts: those who disseminate information to the populace so they will know what is being done to them and will have a reason to take "direct action" to put a stop to it, and those who take that direct action.

Thomas Paine represented those who bring the depredations of the power seekers to the attention of the people, and Samuel Adams represented the people who took the "direct action" that was required. I am, for now, at least, in the "Thomas Paine camp" in that I hope to create such "direct action" by making as many people mad about what is being done to them as possible. If it ever becomes necessary for me to join the "Samuel Adams faction" (a militia) and take "direct action," it will not be noted here because what I do is still legal in this country, if frowned upon by the government, and the "Samuel Adams approach" is not.

Thomas Paine did his part by making the Samuel Adamses so mad they could spit over what was being done to them. I hope to do the same thing for as long as they will let me. When they stop letting me is when you will no longer hear from me or you will hear all about how I was arrested and incarcerated for something far away from what I write. If you suddenly stop hearing from or about me in the future it will be because they "trumped up" a case against me for something quite apart from my writing to imprison me or to at least discredit me. With the subjective ("rubber") laws they have today it will be easy. They did it to Bob Enyart, a Colorado radio talk show host who was imprisoned (for a short time and after five years of trying) for attempting to discipline one of his children at the behest of his wife. They've done it to countless other people who have written about their atrocities.


If you want to join something and be part of a group, join the Thomas Paine Society. As part of this group, you can organize your own local discussion groups, in much the same manner as the Founders did, inhabiting the "coffee houses" of their day, talking far into the night, planning, plotting, and doing what needed to be done to make their revolution happen. Some members spent their time writing, and many excellent pieces came out of their efforts, all of which contributed to the revolution. Others went out and "did things" such as the Boston Tea Party to protest and call attention to what they considered an "oppressive tax."

But, different from the original "coffee house" groups, you can not only discuss what is happening face-to-face, some of you can actually do something about it. Some will write letters to the editor of many different publications. Not just local newspapers, but national magazines and other publications. One of the things you can do is read my blogs, where I keep you updated (usually daily) on what is going on, and give my opinion about it. They are: "The New THOMA$ REPORT, on Town Hall, The Bull cutter, and "Ray's Shorts," both on Blogger. URLs for all are on the index page.

Some will start their own newsletters, discussion groups, and even forums on the Internet because this is probably the best way to disseminate information there is, for little money (after the computer is paid for). I recommend that you also Bookmark this web site and, in time, read everything on it. I know that's a lot, and it's going to increase. You'll never run out of things to read to inform you about their depredations and atrocities. I will continue to add to the wealth of information available on this, and my other web sites. This takes up every waking hour when I'm not doing some "mindless job" to pay the bills. It's not growing at the rate I would wish because I'm continually pressed for time. But it has, is, and will grow, just as fast as I can make it do so, with, or without help from members of the Thomas Paine Society. With enough help, it will grow faster and I will be able to bring more information the power seekers would rather you not know to your attention.

The Thomas Paine Society is not a "structured" group. It is just a name to "rally around" and give "focus" to our efforts. It is a recognition that I can't do all this alone. As an individualist who will not become a "dependent" of the state, I must still work in order to eat and have a place to put this computer. I have invested many dollars in this effort, out of my back pocket. If you'd like to help in that effort, you can send me a "gift" occasionally.

Now don't ask me how I can prove to you that I will use that "gift" in support of the work we both think is necessary. If the fact that I've been doing it for at least a decade doesn't tell you something, nothing will. Besides: you'll see what I'm doing every day if you join and do the things I recommend. The Thomas Paine Society is not an organization as you may define it. There are no membership cards, no membership lists for the government to subpoena and use to harass us, no president, no officers, and no structure. We can be "infiltrated," but not "brought down" by this infiltration, since what we do is completely legal (so far, anyway, they could make it illegal at any time). We do NOT advocate "the violent overthrow of the United States government," even if some of our members might independently do so in the future.

Such "gifts," up to $9,999.99, are not "Taxable income" in that neither of us has to pay taxes on it. It's a "loophole" that I'm sure the government will close at some time in the future. In the meantime, it will allow you to help support our effort by helping me to be able to stop spending eight valuable hours of my day in "mindless" work outside this office and allow me to spend those hours advancing this cause. If you would like to do this, send it to me personally (not made to the Thomas Paine Society because I don't keep a bank account in that name) at 3879 E. 120th Ave. #272, Thornton, CO. 89233

It would be nice if enough of you do this to enable me to devote the eight hours a day I now spend earning the money to eat and pay the rent doing this work. But if you don't, I still will do it, not as "altruism," but for the selfish aim of keeping my own freedom. If you decide to help, that's great. But if you don't, I'll still be here "tippy-tapping" on this computer, until the day I die, or until they "come for me."

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