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One of their routine activities is to "treat and counsel" victims of child abuse. Let's look at what they call "treatment and counseling," and what I call sexual abuse and torture of children, some less than twelve years old: Penile Plethysmography: In 1992, it was discovered that Phoenix Memorial Hospital, in Phoenix, Arizona, was routinely raping children, some as young as ten years old, with what they called "penile plethysmography," which was, simply, government-financed rape of the child. This "treatment" was used to determine just what "turned the child on," by applying a detector to the genitals of the child (in the case of a boy, it was a ring that was attached to the base of the child's penis -- while girls got a phallus-shaped detector inserted into the vagina (these are children, for gawd's sake!). Then the child is shown pornographic pictures (kiddie porn!) of other children in sexually-suggestive poses. The "detectors" are used to measure the degree of arousal in each child and to record exactly which pictures were responsible for the arousal. Is this not rape of a child?


So what did they do when a child became so traumatized by what was being done to them that they refused to cooperate? They tortured them. They tortured the child by forcing him or her to inhale ammonia fumes until he or she agreed to the rape. Have you ever inhaled ammonia? Even for a second? In one case, they gave the child 45 mg of Ritalin daily and sedated him at night. When the Ritalin manufacturer told them this child should not be on this drug and to stop using it, they refused to do so.


This "therapy" was kept so quiet that it had been used for many years before it came to the attention of the public. And when it did, the hospital, and Child Protection Service personnel did everything they could do to mislead the public (definition: lie) as to just what went on in these "torture chambers," and as to the ages of the children involved (they claimed that only a very small number of children under 12 were involved, when in fact, it was later determined that fully one-third of the patients they treated were under 12). The hospital mounted a newspaper advertising campaign in which they were caught several times in lies and were forced to admit to them. They claimed that the only children they "treated" were "...already developing in a deviant manner." In reality, many of their victims had never been convicted of sexual deviancy. Many were in the program only because they were victims of rape.


An interesting sidelight here is that Robert Emerick, director of the Sexuality and Addiction program at Phoenix Memorial was completely incompetent to direct such a program. He had a master's in education, but was, at best, an uncertified lay therapist with no formal training in psychology or the treatment of sexual abuse and disorders. By the way: Robert Emerick is married to Maricopa County's chief sex-crimes prosecutor, Cindi Nannetti. That helps a lot in getting referrals, wouldn't you think?


This program netted this hospital about $30,000 per patient, and this doesn't even include ancillary charges such as the $500 per visit for a "retest" (more rapes) every three months. Most of the children who were in the program were referred by juvenile courts, Child Protective Services, Indian Health Services, and tribal courts -- which means it was financed with federal money. The hospital initially denied it, but was later forced to admit that 90% of the program's funding came from the government. Mary Chapman, director of Arizona V.O.C.A.L.(Victims Of Child Abuse Laws) said of this: "I think they're a whole bunch of perverts over there." Arizona State Senator Stan Furman said: "At best, what is happening to these children is an unproven, offensive procedure. At worst, this is child abuse and torture under the guise of treatment." Toni Cavanaugh Johnson, a clinical child psychologist who works with child sex offenders says that use of this "teatment" on children under fourteen is unethical. (Emphasis added)


The program at Phoenix Memorial shut down shortly after hearings into their activities began, but they aren't, by any means, alone in the use of controversial, unproven sexual treatments for children. According to this book, there were 755 juvenile sex offender programs nationwide, many of them treating children under twelve. Most use traditional group and individual therapy, but many have started using controversial, unproven methods which include the use of drugs such as Depo-Provera to inhibit deviant sexual drives, penile plethysmography (used in thirty-five states in about 22% of juvenile programs, aversion therapy, which involves forcing the children to breathe ammonia fumes, among others (this therapy is used in 47 states and in 26% of the programs).

Masturbation Therapies: Another "therapy" used is what they call "masturbation therapies." In these therapies, children are forced to masturbate over and over for long periods of time (hoping to bore them with it), or are forced to masturbate to orgasm using "approved" fantasies (to make sure they get turned on only by government-approved fantasies, of course). Remember, these are children twelve years of age or younger. I wish I could say that this is the extent of the depravity practiced upon our children in the name of "treatment," but I cannot. I haven't even finished researching this perversion of our rights yet, and when I have (if that's possible), I'm sure it will prompt some more writing on the subject.


Another excellent book on the subject is "Wounded Innocents: The Real Victims of the War Against Child Abuse," by Richard Wexler. (Promethius Books, 59 John Glenn Drive, Amherst, NY 14228-2197) It can be found in some bookstores, but in the one I looked, they said they didn't stock it because they felt it wouldn't sell well. Yeah, right. I had to have them order it. It's so well-written and contains so many facts I can use, plus so many "horror stories," it took me six months to get halfway through it. It's hard to read a book with tears in your eyes, and I'm not a "sensitive male. " I'm a big, husky ugly." I've gotten most of my most telling figures from this book, and it would do anybody who has been falsely accused a lot of good to read it.


My profession today is to expose the depredations of all the liberal/collectivist parasites in their efforts to become our masters. But I believe I should take up the Child Protective crimes as my hobby. I believe we need to "circle the wagons" and fight these depraved demagogues to the end.


We cannot continue to allow them to sexually abuse and torture our children -- or their parents. We've got to do something to rein them in. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. The first thing to do is stop believing what Child Protective Service workers say about parents -- at least until you've seen some proof that convinces you. Their best weapon is their ability to "criminalize" not only their normal victims, but their critics, as well. People who have criticized CPS and their tactics have often become targets of those very tactics. In this manner, CPS can discredit any who criticize them. This is a common tactic.
  2. Pressure legislators to make laws that allow their victims to sue CPS agents and agencies when their actions go against all logic and/or violate the law (The "Good Samaritan Laws" now protect them, even if their motives are suspect) or to prosecute these people when their actions constitute a clear law violation.
  3. Pressure legislators to make laws that allow suits and/or criminal prosecution against people who wrongly accuse others of child abuse or child sexual abuse when they can be proven to be lying and/or their motives proven to be self-serving (The Good Sam Laws now protect them even when they're lying and their motives can be ptroven to be suspect).
  4. Pressure legislators to make "crimes against children" the same as crimes against all other people in that those accused have the right to know their rights before anyone is allowed to question them, that they have the right to an attorney, paid for by the court, as any common thief or murderer has, and that constitutional rights apply, especially in that determination that the accused is innocent until proven guilty. They get around the constitutional issue by claiming that what they do is not "criminal prosecution," but civil. This is the same scam that is used to justify the rape of Constitutional rights in RICO cases.
  5. Force CPS to obey court orders or suffer consequences (they now routinely ignore court orders with impunity when it suits their fancy), and to stop ignoring the truth when it does not agree with their theory or advance their case.
  6. Force CPS to stop their Gestapo tactics, especially the one where they insist the "accused" stay away from the children until he or she admits guilt (used when guilt cannot be proven, to intimidate the family amd force a false admission of guilt in order to be "allowed" to return home).
  7. Force CPS to return the children to their families in all cases where no wrongdoing can be proven. Force them to prove wrongdoing before any action may be taken regarding the children (There should be a short period where they are allowed to take the children pending a hearing, but if sufficient proof of wrongdoing or risk cannot be made they should be forced to return them to their parents, with no attempt to condition or "counsel" the children or to intimidate either the children or their parents being allowed in the interim).


It's long past time for the Child Protective Services in this country to learn that they can no longer treat people as if they did not exist as persons. They they must adhere to the same constitutional laws as other law-enforcement agencies, or suffer the consequences that come from being personally responsible for damages that arise out of their atrocities -- and taking people's children from them, without proof of wrongdoing, and putting them up for adoption against their parent's wishes is an atrocity. They must be made aware of the "human consequences" of their actions -- something they are now either not aware of, or if they are, they just don't care. They've got to be stopped, at all costs. Before they go after your children.


I am painfully aware that sometime after this report gets into circulation, the CPS people are going to come after me. One of their first efforts is going to be to try to convince people that I am against the protection of children. That I want laws made to make it more difficult, even impossible, for them to enforce child protection laws. My son says not to worry about publishing his name, since they've already done as much to him as they can. I believe he is wrong in that, because, as a generally good person, he cannot conceive of what depraved arrows remain in their quiver. I fervently hope he is right, for I can not wait before launching an attack against their atrocities. To wait is to lose, maybe for all time.


I love children. I smile every time I see a child, and note their innocence. And I pray that they will remain innocent for as long as possible. I am a "sucker for children." I will do just about anything to see a smile appear on a child's face. Because of this, I did something that most men would not have done. I fell in love with a woman who had a houseful of children -- and when I discovered how many children she had, I did not run. We were together for most of thirty years, and all the children have grown up. We've always had a crowded, noisy house with that many children in it. I miss that now, but I enjoyed every minute of it, and love every one of those children -- and their children as if they were my own.


Because of my love for children, I am one of the most implacable enemies a real child abuser has. But I am also a dedicated enemy to those who would use children as innocent pawns in a political game that those children do not even understand. I will fight without quarter those who abuse children in the name of "the law" and in the guise of "child protection."


All I want from this, or any government, is that they treat parents at least as well as they do a common criminal or murderer. That they be forced to advise parents of their rights before any action can be taken, and before any statement may be taken. That parents are accorded the same rights a murderer has: the right to a court-appointed and court-paid-for attorney before any questioning. The right to confront their accusers. The right to sue those who wrongly accuse them and to file criminal charges against them if they do it maliciously. The right to stop the child protective services in their tracks if their actions exceed their lawful authority and/or violate the law. The right to force the return of their children if charges cannot be proven in a court of law. The right to be present at, and to approve any "psychological counseling" and/or "treatment programs" their children will be subjected to.


Today, the child protective services have it all their own way. The Good Samaritan Laws protect them absolutely, even if what they do can be shown to be of criminal intent and bureaucratic overreaction. Their victims have no recourse. When CPS runs roughshod over their Constitutional rights, they cannot sue, they cannot file criminal charges against either CPS agents or outside accusers. The courts laugh at them. No other agency has this kind of protection. They have no say at all in what happens to their children once CPS has abducted them and put them in foster homes (where, incidentally, they have as much chance, even more, of being abused by the foster parents or other foster children, according to several studies). CPS can do anything it wishes to the children, and the parents not only have no say, they are not even notified that their children are being abused by CPS counselors and treatment programs. Indeed, many people who read this will be totally unaware that their children have been subjected to such abuse as penile plethysmography, aversion therapy, or masturbation therapy. They weren't asked, or if they were, they were not told what such procedures involved, and the pressure on them to accede to the CPS demands is intense. They are told that if they don't agree, they'll never see their children again (Does this sound like what a kidnapper tells his victims, or what?).

No. I don't want to see child abusers/molesters go free. Not even -- especially -- if those molesters are the child protection agents themselves, or are foster parents who are paid to help protect these children but who do not. I want every proven child molester or abuser to be prosecuted and to be punished as severely as it is possible for a free society to punish them. And I want that punishment to be doubly severe if the abusers are shown to be those who are charged with the protection of the child.


But I want --no, demand -- that child protection agencies and their captive courts be forced to prove their charges, and to treat their victims the same as the laws treat a commom criminal or murderer. I want to see the "Good Samaritan Laws" modified so as to allow civil and/or criminal prosecution of those who lie when they accuse parents, whether they be individuals or members of the CPS. I want parents to be able to have a say in what their children are taught in school, and that school officials be forced to stop ignoring them when they attempt to do so. I want equal treatment for parents to that afforded common criminals. It's as simple as that.

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