This is my personal web site. This is where you will be able to access all my other web sites as well as be able to learn more about me (if you're interested) Most people (my son included) don't pay much attention to politics. They're too busy with their own daily pursuits. They think politics won't pay attention to them, but it will. In time, it will become more obvious. This site is one place where I "take a stand" against collectivism (also known as: socialism, fascism, progressivism, etc. with only cosmetic differences) and the subjective philosophy that allows people to make things as they wish they were, not as they are. Ronald Reagan said: "If some among you fear taking a stand because you are afraid of reprisals from customers, clients, or even government, recognize that you are just feeding the crocodile hoping he'll eat you last." I think that's one of his most profound statements.

Another thing that puts things into perspective is this, from George Orwell's "1984:"

PROTECTIVE STUPIDITY: "Crimestop means the faculty of stopping short, as though by instinct, at the threshold of any dangerous thought. It includes the power of not grasping analogies, of failing to perceive logical errors, of misunderstanding the simplest arguments if they are inimical to Ingsoc (English Socialism there, or simply what the government wants you to think) and of being bored or repelled by any train of thought which is capable of leading in a 'heretical' direction. Crimestop means, in short, protective stupidity." If you're one who would dismiss what I say, I ask only one thing: read what I say first and do your own research. Don't dismiss what I say through lack of information. And if you can prove that a single thing I say is untrue, I'd be grateful.

Back in the sixties, I was a "rabid right-wing extremist" who thought we only had about fifteen years left as a free nation. I had bought into all the "conspiracy theory" stuff and really thought it was all a single conspiracy. That "they" were just about to "take over." I wrote and published many pamphlets (Which was no easy task back then because photo offset printing had just been invented. I could print anything I wanted, but typesetting was so expensive as to be out of reach. So I relied on my typewriter and photostats to get my pamphlets into print.). In one case, I even resorted to handwriting the original (fortunately, being a sign painter, I had good handwriting). I still have copies of that pamphlet, called: "Remember Pearl Harbor?" which equated many of the things that were happening then to what happened just before the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. I still have some copies left of the original pamphlet. If you'd like to see it, send me a first class stamp and your address.

I was really afraid for the future of this country. I buttonholed everybody I could think of and tried to tell them about the coming "takeover." Some responded, but way too many said: "yeah, yeah," and then went to a movie. Soon I was "burned out," and because of the massive apathy I saw, I decided there was nothing I could do and was so angry I decided to just ignore politics and "do my thing" as long as I could.

I went off in another direction entirely. I had found out in my sales operations that 80% of my sales were made by 20% of my people. That the majority of the sales made by that 20% were made by 25% of them (5% of the total), that nothing I did seemed to be able to change that. As I increased my sales until I was leading the nation in sales with my company, that percentage remained the same. That was when I discovered the field of "personal motivation." I studied that field for almost five years intensely and I'm still studying it. I wrote many monographs and conducted seminars for not only my own salespeople, but for other groups, too. I found out why those figures were true, but I also learned that I still couldn't change them. But I could make sure there were more "Five Percenters" in my organization than in anybody else's. It must have worked. My organization sold more of my company's products in 1969 than anyone else in the country, and led the world in sales the next year.

But I still had many questions about politics even though I was avoiding paying attention to current events. One of the things I had always wondered is why people like Rockefeller promoted Socialism even though under Socialism he would lose his fortune. In my quest to find the answer to this and other questions, I discovered Objectivism with the help of my brothers Bob and Rick.

When I began to study Objectivism I found the answer to this question: It was the power. Rockefeller had never had to worry about where his next dollar was coming from. He had always had more money than he could have spent in several lifetimes. There were no more worlds for him to conquer . . . except for the ability to control others.

One of the most powerful motivators is the power to control what other people may or may not do. To have "life or death" power: the power to make others kowtow to you and seek your favor. Ayn Rand called people who wanted this power "The Second-Handers." People who lived for the approval of others, even if that approval was forced. I call them "power seekers." the people who seek power over others in order to be fulfilled.

I also learned, as I studied Objectivism, that there could not be a single conspiracy to take over this country. It would fail by the very fact of its size. There were many conspiracies, all fueled by the same philosophy: collectivism. What makes it appear to be a single conspiracy is the way so many people and groups all seem to work together so seamlessly to gain the same kinds of ends. But it doesn't really make any difference whether there is one conspiracy or hundreds. The answer in both cases is the same: investigation and exposure. Massive single conspiracy or many, they can't survive if their plans are exposed to the light of day. Conspiracies to take over governments are as old as government itself. This very country was born out of one. So for people to deny the very idea of conspiracies today just because this is America is folly. Ayn Rand's Objectivist philosophy explains why there are many conspiracies, and why they are the deadliest threat we face today.

Many people criticize Ayn Rand and ignore the tremendous impact of the philosophy she espoused because she had made a subjective decision that her philosophy left no room for religion. But to deny the reality of her philosophy of Objectivism because she was human and made the mistake of denying the existence of a supreme being that ordered this universe is a tragedy. I am a student of Objectivist philosophy and religion is where I part company with her. I believe there is a "supreme being" who orders this universe. But my view of him (her? it?) may not be the same as anyone else's. I listen to Rush Limbaugh too. But I don't agree with everything he says, either. I don't agree with his every opinion, but I've never caught him in a lie.

As a matter of fact, it was listening to Rush Limbaugh while sitting on my brother Bob's porch on one of my visits to Indianapolis that convinced me to stop ignoring politics and take an active role in helping to "wake people up" to the danger they face. I felt that if he could become so successful talking to people like me, there might be some hope for America.

I am an individual and, as an individual, I make my own decisions about all things after due research. Those decisions are based on reality, not on somebody else's dogma that has been "force-fed" to me. As such, I have made Objectivist philosophy my life's guide. Not because I have "bought" someone's dogma but because I have found it to be a philosophy I can live by after many years of study and practice (Since I wrote the foregoing, I have moved on to become an objective philosopher. Using most of what Rand taught, but abandoning the pronouncements that I felt were erroneous, such as her refusal to acknowledge a superior being that orders this universe).

Objective philosophy has made clear to me the reasons why the power seekers use "forced altruism" as a tool to create a dependency class they can control. Who have used the promise of "bread and circuses" to cause people to keep voting to keep them in power to keep the goodies flowing.

The "Child Protection Scam"

One of the power seeker scams that is growing day by day is their effort to take over control of what is taught to your children in school without your interference, by destroying the rights of the parents and the family unit itself. To do so, they have made the child protection services their tool to destroy the family. To learn more about that, and to protect your own children, click the link below for the "Child Protector Watch" web site and read the information that is there. There are also many links to other sites that can help you not only to learn about it, but also to help you when they come for you.

And don't think they never will because you don't abuse your children. That has never made a difference. Even if you have no children of your own, they can still "get you" at will if they want to because in their courts, proof is not a requirement. Don't believe it? Go to the web site, read the reports there, and be afraid...be very afraid. But also be comforted that if you know about their scams and schemes, you can win against them as my son and I did. We beat them so badly it cost them $50,000 MORE than they collected from the federal government for stealing and attempting to adopt out his two boys that they now have him marked "hands off."

My Web Sites

The New THOMA$ REPORT: I found inspiration for this blog in "The Drudge Report," which almost got Bill Clinton removed from office. The only thing that saved him after being impeached was he "knew where the bodies were buried" and could gain enough votes in the Senate to escape removal. This brings you stories the liberal media wishes you would not hear about.

The "Child Protector Watch": Learn about the power seekers' scheme to control what is taught to your children without your interference. They know that in order to have an easy time of it in controlling others later, they need to teach this nation's children that collectivism is the way to go -- now. Hitler knew it and Stalin knew it. Today's power seekers have learned from them and are working like beavers to destroy parental authority over their children by false accusations of child abuse and treating every accusation, no matter how far-fetched, as if it were true, then using the courts to violate parent's civil rights. They put innocent parents in prison on a regular basis to accomplish these aims. The information on this site is documented. Read it and be warned.

The Bull Cutter: This was one of my original blogs, first published on the original THOMA$ REPORT, but separated several years ago and is now a "stand-alone" blog The name arose from a weekly article I did for "Sierra Times," called "Cutting Through the Bull." Which is just what it does. It "cuts through the bull" fed you by the liberal media.

Ray's Shorts In this blog I present usually very short comments on the day's happenings, usually without the usual links to other sources. these are opinions. If you need further proof of anything I say, research it yourself. You can always write me at raythomas101@yahoo.com.

Reduce Our Dependence on Foreign Oil: One of the major problems we have today is our dependence on foreign oil. this site shows you how we can help significantly reduce this country's dependence on foreign oil and even make some money doing it.

Non-Lethal Self Defense Devices: The government has spent a lot of time and money to disarm the American people, as most "wannabe dictators" do. When China and Japan did it, the people developed unarmed combat in response. Today, we have developed disguised personal defense devices that can help "level the playing field" for unarmed Americans when faced by violent criminals. If someone points a gun at you, I don't care if you have a Howitzer in your back pocket. But if he/she tries to rob or assault you with anything less, these devices can make all the difference.

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Important Articles

Some of these articles are new. Others were written some time ago. All are about important points you need to know.

AREN'T INTERESTED IN POLITICS? You'd better be. Even if you aren't interested in politics, politics is interested in you. Especially if you don't pay attention to politics, what politics is doing to the American people (moving us ever closer to socialism) wlll affect you. One of their most important scams is to convince you that you can't do anything about it, so why "pay attention?" But if you do "pay attention," and become an "obstacle" to their designs on your money and your freedom, maybe it can be avoided, if enough other people do likewise.

BIG BROTHER LAWS: You probably don’t even know this, but “Big Brother” is already keeping track of where you work, through a federal law (42 USC 653A(b)(1)(A) requiring EVERY state to set up a system for recording and REPORTING to the feds, the names and all other pertinent information pertaining to ALL people that are hired, by ANYBODY. That includes their names, addresses, date of birth, and Social Security number. Colorado’s is the SDNH, or State Directory of New Hires which plainly tells you it was set up under this law. In this manner, the state, AND the feds can keep track of every citizen, wherever he/she lives, any time he or she gets a new job. This is “an end run” around the “Privacy Act of 1974,” which was passed to keep the feds from starting a new database on ANYBODY. It doesn’t prohibit them from “sharing” information that comes from databases set up by others, OR to force them to set up AND “share” this information.

COLLECTIVISM vs. INDIVIDUALISM: This is one of the most basic things you need to understand about what's happening. There are two camps. One that wants to control you and make all your decisions for you (the collectivists). The other (Individualists) believes every adult person has the right to make his/her own decisions about everything, without someone in Washington controlling everything he/she does. Everything else is subtext. If you are aware of this, you can learn anything else you need to know, easily.

COMMON SENSE--UPDATED: Early on in the "unrest" that led to the Revolutionary War, Thomas Paine wrote a pamphlet called, "Common Sense," which, after being published, led to the prosecution of that war, which resulted in a stupendous victory and the creation of the United States of America. This report is what I hope is a "successor" to that pamphlet, and I hope it will be as successful in "waking people up" to what their government is doing to them. Not that I want to ignite a war, I just want to wake people up so they can become "obstacles" to what the looters want to do and help return this country to the "republican form of government" its Founders intended, rather than the socialist nation the looters envision.

The "EVITA FACTOR: Evita Peron destroyed Argentina's thriving economy by introducing, and pushing socialism. Hillary Clinton, now hoping to succeed her husband as president as Evita did, is trying to do the same to the American economy.

FORCED ALTRUISM: The liberals like to accuse those who object to their thievery from the "producers" of "not being altruistic." But what they are actually pushing is "forced altruism," where the government (aka: "looters") take money from them in the form of taxes and gives it to those who did not earn it, calling it "altruism." But it's not. It is patent thievery and "redistribution of wealth," a socialist notion.

THE GLOBAL WARMING SCAM: Global warming is a scam to allow liberals to take more and more control into their hands, and to collect more and more money from gullible people who believe that "science" can be "a consensus." It cannot. A thing is a thing. Whether or not many scientists agree doesn't alter that. "The global warming scare has enabled environmental advocacy groups to raise billions of dollars in contributions and government grants. It has given politicians (from Al Gore down) opportunities to pose as prophets of doom and slayers of evil corporations. And it has given bureaucrats at all levels of government, from the United Nations to city councils, powers that threaten our jobs and individual liberty. It is time for common sense to return to the debate over protecting the environment. An excellent first step would be to end the 'global warming' scam." This article details eight reasons why we should ignore these "prophets of doom," including, and especially AlGore, who has been telling us for more than FIFTEEN YEARS that we have only TEN YEARS left if we don't "do something" about global warming. The fact that if he is right we should have all been dead these last ten years hasn't occurred to him (or he hopes we don't notice). The fact that warming and cooling is cyclical and has been happening for millions of years doesn't seem to matter to them.

IS COMMUNISM REALLY DEAD? One of the things everyone seems to be convinced of these days, since the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the supposed collapse of communism in Russia and her satellites is that communism is dead. But is it? Has no one noticed that almost all of the positions of power in the "former" Soviet Union and its satellites are filled by communists who profess to be "former communists?" The same people who ruled these countries when they were known as communist states?

THE MIND ON STRIKE: Power seekers claim that the rich, the owners of factories and large businesses are "riding the backs" of the workers and that "the workers" are every bit as important to their success as they are, if not more important. This article debunks that notion completely. It "blasts it completely out of the water" by showing that without the creative and original ideas of those people and their superior management skills, there would be no factory for the "workers" to work in, thus, no jobs for them to be "exploited" by. This is basic. A "must read."

MY MILITIA: A lot of people ask me if I am a member of a militia, or if I would join one. Here is my answer. Take note, government guilt-seekers. People are constantly monitoring the Internet to see if people are opposing the government. I AM "opposing" this government, but only by constantly telling the truth about them. If that's illegal, I plead guilty.

PROFIT: THE UNIVERSAL PURPOSE: Liberal politicians (collectivists, socialists, fascists, progressives, etc.), want you to believe there is a world without profit, while making profit themselves in their dealings with other countries. Truth is, profit is the "universal purpose" in all dealings between people. Without profit as the "lubrication," this world would die.

WE'RE LIVING "ATLAS SHRUGGED": I don't often recommend articles by another author in this space, but I'm willing to make an exception in this case, since this one is so VERY right. Ayn Rand's detractors try and criticize her for being "too simple," but that's what I try to do with everything, so the "average person" can understand it. Liberals try very hard to complicate things so you can't understand them (even THEY don't understand, sometimes). Not so here.

WORDS MEAN THINGS: When reading a publication such as this it is important that you understand the exact meaning of words as we use them, not as the liberals do. They routinely distort the meaning of words to confuse you. We use words as they were meant to be used and the exact meaning of many words might surprise you. This is a glossary of words as we use them, with reference to how liberals and other subjectivists do. Some will "tickle your funny bone" while others will open your eyes to things you never knew.

HELP: I've thought long and hard about this. I don't like soliciting money for doing what I'm doing. But if I had money to replace my job, I could spend more time doing this work, rather than spend eight hours a day doing something "mindless" in order to be able to eat. I spend an average of six hours a day (or more) reading, researching, and writing what goes into this, and my other web sites. I get an average of 200 to 300 or more e-mails a day, all of which I must spend time dealing with. Even while at work I'm thinking about what I do here and I'm constantly writing little notes to myself about the ideas I have every day.

This work is very important to me and I will continue until I can no longer do it whether or not anybody sends money. But it would help me to be able to spend more time on it if people sent something to help with it. According to the government, you can make a gift of up to $9,999 a year without it being counted as income for either of us. That's kind of a "poor man's 501 (3) (c)," which I do not have, and don't intend to try for because that gives them a measure of control over what I write. I'm not suggesting you send that much. Anything you can spare will help, even a few dollars. And it is not charity. I am performing a needed service. If you feel that you and others are getting some good out of what I do, please help. If not, don't. I will not engage in the kind of "guilt-trip" building in which the looters engage, and I will have no hard feelings for those who don't help. This is something I must do, with or without help. My postal address is: 3879 E. 120th Ave. #272, Thornton, CO 80233. Phone number is 720-346-4701.

Email: raythomas101@yahoo.com